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UN Predicts That All Humanity Will Be ´chipped´ By 2030

UN Predicts That All Humanity Will Be ´chipped´ By 2030 And Whoever Refuses Will Be "Excluded From Society"

January 25, 2017129073

The UN predicts that by the year 2030 each person will have a biometric identity, which will be valid around the world.

The information for each human being will be stored in a universal database located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The UN arrangement is addressed to all governments in the world that impose Universal Biometric Identification Card for its citizens.

"This new program is a blueprint for the" New World Order, "and if they do not adhere to the sub-projects for these new global goals they will face some very alarming things," reports the economic collapse.

The United Nations has implemented this project among the refugees who arrived in Europe. The system of facial collection, iris, biometrics, digital printing, have established themselves as the only official documentation for refugees. The information will be sent to a central database in Geneva, effectively allowing its monitoring.

According to a report from Find Biometrics, authorities expect this technology to be used by men, women and children on the planet by 2030.

This development initiative was originally launched by the World Bank, together with the UN and other institutions to achieve "legal identity" in every hand. The goal is to ensure a legal and unique identity, allowing services based on digital IDs to be available to everyone.
"And if anyone refuses to this new" legal identity "system he will certainly be disqualified for a job position, get a new bank account, take out a credit card, qualify for a mortgage, receive any form of government payment , Etc., at that time, anyone who refuses the new "universal ID" would become a scorned society, "said Michael Snyder.

"What the elite want is to make sure everyone is" in the system. " That's one reason you're being discouraged from using cash, "Snyde concluded. 

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